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The BEST RC Content Creators on YouTube!

The Best RC Content Creators Youtube

Content focused around RC Cars, Trucks, Drones, and Planes is massive on Youtube, and why shouldn't it be with all the entertaining and exciting videos focused on your favorite RC's. But with that massive list of RC centered channels, and everyone with an Xmaxx thinking they themselves can start a career on Youtube, its hard to find good quality channels that continuously offer great RC focused content. So for your viewing pleasure, TheBestRCs.com brings to you, in no particular order, the BEST RC Content Creators on Youtube!


Wilimovich YouTube Channel

Wilimovich is an absolute massive RC channel with over 2 million subscribers! His channel also happens to be the reigning king of per video views as 2 of his videos are the most watched RC videos on Youtube with a combined view count of over 500 million views. Needless to say, Wilimovich has some top quality RC videos. Most of his videos are centered around trucks in the mud, or fleets of trucks going on muddy adventures. Another unique feature of this channel is that the content is solely focused on the RC Car or terrain, Wilimovich never really turns the camera on himself to give opinions or added excitement. If your looking for a channel focused solely on the RC Car, we recommend checking out his channel.

You can check out Wilimovich here: www.youtube.com/user/wilimovich

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris YouTube channel

We would consider Ryan Harris as an up-and-coming RC channel as he currently sits at 32K subscribers but he fills a crucial void on Youtube, and that's a content creator focused on RC Car racing. His racing dedicated channel is becoming more and more well known in the RC racing community. While he resides in Florida, Ryan often travels to various RC tracks hosting professional RC races to give his inside scoop on what's happening. His channel provides great how-to videos on everything from maintenance, to race set-ups, to building shocks. If you like RC Car racing or want to learn more about it, we highly recommend checking out his racing inspired channel.

You can check out Ryan Harris here: www.youtube.com/c/RyanHarrisRC

RC Media World

RC Media World Youtube

Another huge RC channel, RC Media World is the go-to YouTube channel for those looking for great content on RC planes and helicopters. Currently sitting just below 2 million subscribers, RC Media World provides amazing RC airplane focused content from Germany. The collection of videos RC Media World has curated on large-scale RC model planes is the best on Youtube. If your looking to watch unique, super expensive model planes start their jet engines and take to the skies then we recommend you check out this channel.

You can check out RC Media World here: www.youtube.com/user/RCMediaWorld

Mark Santa Maria

Mark Santa Maria Youtube

Mark Santa Maria (MSM) is a relatively small RC content creator compared to the channels with millions of subscribers, but over the past year his channel has exploded and is rapidly gaining thousands of subscribers a month. Given his current trajectory, we suspect MSM will surpass the 100K subscriber mark over the next year. MSM provides vlog style content focused around a genuine love of all RC Cars, or as he describes it according to his about section, "Bridging the gap between RC car racers and bashers. Doing everything RC related". If you enjoy vlog style content related to everything RC, racing and bashing, we approvingly recommend checking out his channel.

You can check out Mark Santa Maria here: www.youtube.com/c/MarkSantaMaria


RC RC RC Youtube

RC RC RC!!! is one of the best RC content creators when it comes to detailed scale models. Another huge channel, RC RC RC!!! currently post just over 1.5 million subscribers. The channel describes itself as having amazing RC model trucks in action and if you've viewed any of the European based videos, you'll immediately recognize the RC models are insanely detailed. Although the RC models are fascinating to watch, the scale environments, with roads, construction sites, and all the attributes of a real city, are equally as captivating. We definitely recommend this channel for anyone interested in the little world of Model RC's.

You can check out RC RC RC!!! here: https://www.youtube.com/c/RCRCRC

Kevin Talbot

Kevin Talbot Youtube

One of the best RC content vloggers, Kevin Talbot brings all types of unique RC focused videos to his channel. With over 800K subscribers he has grown a large audience of followers to watch his excitement of all things RC. His channel provides all types of RC antics, from building a 200mph RC Car to blowing up RC engines, as well as reviews about cheap RC Cars to expensive RC Cars and everything in between. Based in the UK, Kevin owned a hobby shop and eventually decided to start a YouTube channel to share his obsession with all things RC related. Fun fact, he also drives a Lamborghini. If your looking for fun vlog style videos about RC reviews, projects, or bashing, we absolutely recommend checking out his channel.

You can check out Kevin Talbot here: https://www.youtube.com/c/KevinTalbot

RC Sparks Studio

RC Sparks Studio Youtube

An absolute giant RC channel, RC Sparks Studio ranks as the most subscribed to RC content creator as well as having the most overall views for an RC channel which happens to be over 1.6 billion views. The channel describes itself by saying, "The RCSparks Studio has created "RC ADVENTURES" content since 2008!." This RC adventure driven channel is based in Canada and features a whole series of miniature gold mining with RC models. The channel also contains several series of RC adventures that feature trucks going through the mud, rock crawling, and even RC boating. One of the most unique series of videos focus on their 80cc 1/5th scale Raminator monster truck. With some of the best RC entertainment on Youtube, we highly recommend checking out their channel.

You can check out RC Sparks Studio here: https://www.youtube.com/c/RCSparksStudio

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